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The village


Immersed in the green …

The village of Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses (Eudracinum in Roman times), is surrounded by ancient forests of larch and fir trees, and is located at 1521 meters, in the high valley of Gran San Bernardo.

The village retains the charm of unspoiled nature and its past historical stage – Roman mansio – on the ancient road to Gaul; as well as the last post station at the time of soldats de la neige.

Today you can retrace the route of the ancient Roman road: from Saint-Rhémy, passing through a ravine full of conifers, in a fairy tale environment, a paved road leads to the foot of the Great St Bernard Pass.



Important communication, through the Colle passed leaders, pilgrims, popes and even Napoleon, in May 1800. During the winter, the road link with the rest of Europe is guaranteed by the Great St Bernard Tunnel.

The town function closer to the hill on the southern side of the Alps featured Saint-Rhémy centuries. The Latin name is Endracinum: in Roman times stood in place an important mansio in control of the road, while the villa of dominus Baucius stood nearby artery, on the hill.

Suffered the invasions of the Huns, the Burgundians, the Lombards, the Carolingian and Saracens, passing from hand to hand between the Sixth to the Tenth Century. According to tradition, during the rule of the Burgundian king Gontrano, passing through the valley, he was baptized by San Remigio Archbishop of Reims in 496 A.D., hence giving the village its name.