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About us

A small hotel, cozy and intimate, built all in stone. Its structure has remained intact despite the passage of time and once inside you feel immediately at home, forgetting the chaos, stress and external concerns to enter into a new welcoming world made of simple joys, quiet and relaxation.

The Hotel Suisse is the ideal place for lovers of the outdoors, nature walks and all that can offer the mountain: hiking, trekking, climbing, cycling in Mtb. The Hotel Suisse is also located along the Via Francigena, the path traveled by millions of pilgrims since the Middle Ages that has united the lands of the Franks in Rome and in Jerusalem. Nevertheless, our charming hotel, nestled in the foothills of the Great St Bernard Pass, can be a place of welcome for all those who wish to visit the beautiful scenery, the variety of fauna, the monuments and the archaeological ruins of the Valle d’Aosta or nearby Switzerland.

The Hotel Suisse may also be ideal refuge for skiers: in fact, is only three kilometers from the Crévacol stations (downhill skiing) and Flassin (cross country) and is on the route off-track of the Valley of the Grand San Bernardo, as well as for all lovers of trekking at high altitude: the Tor de Geants (headquarters of arrival), the Tour des Combins (between the Refuge Champillon and Bourg St. Pierre) and the Alta Via n. 1 (from the Refuge Champillon and Refuge Bonatti).

In Saint Rhemy en Bosses , you return to the union with nature , the mind is emptied from the daily pain and the soul opens to contemplation and silence of the alleys of the ancient village of stone; and then get lost in the paths through the nearby mountains.