Outdoor activities

What to do (for nature and mountain lovers, and not only!)

In the Summer: the opportunity to take beautiful trails on foot, horseback or mountain bike; among them also the historic route of the Via delle Gallie, which is the main road of the valley of the Roman era (first Roman public work in the Aosta Valley) created at the time of the conquest of the Alps, crossing also partially Lombardy, Piedmont, France and Switzerland. Also called Publica or Strata, it was built by Augustus on the track of existing trails linking the plain of the Po, and more generally the Mediterranean regions to the Alpine regions. It was created as a necessary infrastructure and ancillary military expansion and Roman politics.
In medieval times, it will overlay the route of the Via Francigena in the twentieth century and for long stretches coincide with the SS 26 and SS 27.



In the Winter: the opportunity to make use of cross-country skiing and downhill in St. Oyen and Crévacol and to follow classical itineraries Alpine ski (to go possibly with snowshoes), including: Col Serena, with Flassin, Col Barasson, the Great Saint Bernard, Col Malatrà. Visitors will open up unexpected panoramic views also on the Mont Blanc range and the most important “4000” Val d’Aosta.