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On the border with Switzerland, in the Aosta Valley, in Saint Rhemy en Bossés, ancient village suspended in time made of a few houses, a few streets and sorrounded by an astonishing and marvellous nature, there is the Suisse Hotel… The ideal place for lovers of mountains, lakes and relax…

From summer to winter, mountain biking or on a sled, with snowshoes or skis, the Suisse Hotel is the starting place for sportsmen, hikers and pilgrims… The small village where you will find the Hotel it is in fact connected with the most renowned ski resorts in the Aosta Valley, and is a key step of the Tor des Géants and the Via Francigena

As soon as you leave the hotel, the doors open to access other realities: and you find yourself surrounded by forests of larch and fir trees and by the magnificient Alps, under the majestic Gran San Bernardo; the mountain that separates us from the rest of Europe, which inspires awe and respect for its size; but on the other hand it makes you feel protected, when you are down there at his feet, to admire it…

In Saint-Rhémy, the time seems to stand still… When you reach the village you have the feeling of stepping into the past, where, far from the chaos of the cities, the mind can gradually recover from everyday stress, and to make room for the tranquility… a quiet that gives inner peace and serenity and which allows you to recharge and regain new energies.

The philosophy of the Hotel Suisse has led to choose not to have the TV and not even newspapers. You may, however, find books and mountain/travel magazines and several books of literature. The facility is equipped with Wi-Fi.